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Hello - I have been searching for and planting a variety of herbs - mostly intended to be used in brewing.  I searched very hard for Marsh Rosemary in any form and finially came up with a source for the seeds.  They arrived today and I am writing to share this information with you all.
I fount the seeds at this site:  http://www.thealpinegarden.com/seedlist.htm
I ordered several type of ledum:  ledum Palustre, ledum hypoleucum, and ledum decumbens, and well as myrica tomentosa.  I've already found and planted myrica gale - at least one variety of it.  It apparently grows into a 30 x 10 foot wide bush - evergreen, with lots of waxy berries that birds love.
I believe that the ledum palustre is the plant that is closed to what was used in Europe for gruit ale.
The alpine garden web site is in Siberia! - and I followed the instructions on the web site, emailing my order to the very nice doctor up in Siberia.   She sent a very personal little letter with packages of each of the seeds.  If anyone is interested I'll let you know how the seeds do.  Of course my climate is seriously different than the one in siberiia (Magadan, Russia) - I live in northern California, so I'm not certain how to grow these starts.   - 
I found a place in France and one in England that adveritised some forms of ledum seeds for sale, but on further investigation they were not available.
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