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"The Curiosities of Ale and Beer" by  John Bickerdyke
has some information on this.  It was supposed to have
been brewed first in Kingsbridge, "it used to be made
of malt, a small quantity of hops, flour, spices, and
a mysterious compound known as 'grout,' or 'ripening,'
the manufacture of which was, and may be still,
preserved as a great secret in a few families"  The
author notes another recipe calls for several eggs to
be added before ferment.  

When the book was written in 1889 the author claimed
it was still brewed in Tavistock and consited "in a
simplier manner than of yore" and "consits of a common
ale with eggs and flour  added"

Maybe you can try to round up some brewers in one of
these towns.

The author writes that "Laboragol", that was a
slightly different beer as was grout ale that used
malt scalded in an iron skillet.

A footnote on grout says  that it "properly signifies
round meal or malt.  Kennet (?) says that in
Leicestershire the infusion of malt and water is
called gout"

Hope that helps.  Please report back if you find
anything out.

Nathan Moore
aka Nathi

--- Randy Mosher <rmosher at 21stcentury.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to track down any information on a white
> beer brewed in SW
> England up until 1850 or so. It was generally
> described as cloudy and thick,
> had egg (white?) and flour in it (not that uncommon
> in those days), some
> kind of seasoning called "grout." The name "lober
> agol" or "loberagol" was
> applied to it. Apparently a rustic country survivor
> of earlier days, it was
> last reported in Southern Devonshire, Plymouth and
> Cornwall.
> A search of the whole internet turned up
> approximately zero. Anybody got
> anything? Especially a clue on the specific spices?
> I'd love to get this one
> going.
> --Randy Mosher
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