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With the words "Thick", "Eggs" and "Flour" makes me think you are referring
to a cuddle, possett or syllabub (sp??)  not an actual beer brewed with
these ingredients but a Gruit beer with these things added to it as a sort
of cocktail. Done so to make them more nutrition and tasty.

I don't remember which one (cuddle, Possett, or syllabub) refers to the
addition of eggs and flours to beer but you may want to do a search on those
and see if that is what you are looking for. Or if you have access to "A sip
though time" it has recipes in the back for such concoctions.

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> Hi,
> I'm trying to track down any information on a white beer brewed in SW
> England up until 1850 or so. It was generally described as cloudy and
> had egg (white?) and flour in it (not that uncommon in those days), some
> kind of seasoning called "grout." The name "lober agol" or "loberagol" was
> applied to it. Apparently a rustic country survivor of earlier days, it
> last reported in Southern Devonshire, Plymouth and Cornwall.
> A search of the whole internet turned up approximately zero. Anybody got
> anything? Especially a clue on the specific spices? I'd love to get this
> going.
> --Randy Mosher
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