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Mon May 13 08:33:16 PDT 2002

Sounds like a wheat beer, though I never heard of one
brewed in England.   
Gruit is a misture of herbs that were used to bitter
and flavor beer before hops were introduced.  
Ususally they included bog mertyl, yarrow root, marsh
rosemary, and others.

Egg whites were and still are used as a clarifying
agent.   Beat the egg whites into a froth, pour over
the beer and it will aid in clearing the beer (similar
to gelatin, isinglas, sparkaloid, etc).

Hope this answers your questions.

--- Randy Mosher <rmosher at 21stcentury.net> wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to track down any information on a white
> beer brewed in SW
> England up until 1850 or so. It was generally
> described as cloudy and thick,
> had egg (white?) and flour in it (not that uncommon
> in those days), some
> kind of seasoning called "grout." The name "lober
> agol" or "loberagol" was
> applied to it. Apparently a rustic country survivor
> of earlier days, it was
> last reported in Southern Devonshire, Plymouth and
> Cornwall.
> A search of the whole internet turned up
> approximately zero. Anybody got
> anything? Especially a clue on the specific spices?
> I'd love to get this one
> going.
> --Randy Mosher
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