hist-brewing: Delurk and a question about Digby's bottles

Craig Jones. craig.jones at airservices.gov.au
Sun Apr 7 16:32:44 PDT 2002

>bottle.  Does anyone know what the capacity of a wine bottle was 
>at that time?  I've searched the web, and the list archive, and my 
>copy of "Dictionary of English Weights and Measures", all to no 

Um, the point is probably not relevant because I would not recommend
you add more than 1tsp (english not american teaspoon measure) of
sugar or dextrose per 750ml bottle.  I know that the Countess of
Newport's cherry wine (in Digby) requests more, but unless you want to
be cleaning up a mess, it is best to add you own level of sugar rather
on relying on the original recipe to get it right.



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