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Charles wettergreen chuckwm at hotmail.com
Thu Mar 28 05:00:18 PST 2002

>In message <LAW2-F78IvhXJ4dErcD00003b4b at hotmail.com>, Charles
>wettergreen <chuckwm at hotmail.com> writes
>>Assuming that a wine quart is the same as an english quart measure, and
>>assuming the wine quart is the same volume as a quart of honey, a quart
>>is one quarter of a gallon which weighs 12 pounds to the gallon.

And Barnacle Bill <bill at bracewel.demon.co.uk> answered:

>This side of the pond "a pint of pure water weighs a pound and a
>quarter"  or 10 lb. to an imperial gallon. does that help your
>calculation? (:-)

Actually no, it doesn't, since we're dealing with a volume calculation, not 
a weight calculation (except to come up with the gravity contribution of a 
given volume of honey).


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