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Wed Mar 27 17:16:41 PST 2002

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bill at bracewel.demon.co.uk writes:

> This side of the pond "a pint of pure water weighs a pound and a 
>  quarter"  or 10 lb. to an imperial gallon. does that help your 
>  calculation? (:-)
    Nope.  Out here in the Colonies, we use the US gallon, which is 
the old British wine gallon (231 cu in ?) and smaller than the imperial 
gallon.  From my submarine days, I seem to remember that a US 
gallon weighs 8 lbs, which equates to the jingle "A pint's a pound the 
world around."  Except of course in Jolly Old England.
    I could be wrong.
    Knowledge is never wasted, nor is the time to acquire it.

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