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Charles wettergreen chuckwm at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 27 13:50:39 PST 2002

>On Tue, 26 Mar 2002, Chuck Wettergreen wrote:
> > Doesn't much matter what size a wine quart is as long as the
> > wine quart is the same size as the honey quart. If they're the
> > same size, it's a six-to-one volume combination, which would
> > yield an original gravity of approximately 1.080.

And Dan McFeeley asked me:

>Thanks for the info -- for the unlearned among us, would you
>show us how you arrived at that figure?  Not everyone on
>the list may be familiar with working out gravity points and
>conversion figures for honey.  Thanks!

Assuming that a wine quart is the same as an english quart measure, and 
assuming the wine quart is the same volume as a quart of honey, a quart is 
one quarter of a gallon which weighs 12 pounds to the gallon. So one quarter 
would be 3 pounds, which contributes 45 "gravity points" per pound, or 135 
"points". So you would have 135 points dissolved in a total volumne of 7 
quarts (6 of water and one of honey)(.875 gallon). 135/.875+1=1.154. Holy 
mackeral Batman! How'd I come up with 1.080? :)

Using common sense, which I obviously failed to do in my first post, 3 
pounds of honey in three quarters of a gallon of water has got to yield 
something more than 1.080. 1.154 looks reasonable for this amount of honey 
in this amount of water.


Geneva, IL

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