hist-brewing: loaf sugar

Charles wettergreen chuckwm at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 19 12:23:30 PST 2002

Somebody wrote:

>We do have sugar loaves (small ones), but they are white rather than brown
>sugar. "Loaf sugar" refers to the shape of the block of sugar, not its
>flavor. Until the late 19th century sugar did not come in granulated form, 
>it does today, but in a solid block, or loaf, which was in the shape of a
>cone, rounded at the top. This is (inverted) the shape of the felt strainer
>into which the sugar syrup was poured to let the water seep out, and in 
>shape the sugar solidified. To use your sugar, you broke off a piece

This sounds *exactly* like pillonchio, which is Mexican/South America sugar, 
available in just about any hispanic grocery store. These dark brown cones 
are about 4 inches high with a bottom diameter about 2 inches across and a 
tip that almost comes to a point. Very stong in molasses, I used to 
occasionally add some to my wee heavies to add some additional flavor.


Geneva, IL

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