hist-brewing: Re: hist-brewing digest, Vol 1 #58 - tansy

Clopsam at aol.com Clopsam at aol.com
Mon Mar 11 11:56:27 PST 2002

     The greatest danger of tansy is the dermatitus that may be caused by handling the plant...I have heard it suggested by nursery workers that mornings are the best time to handle it, but I have found no authoritative support for this.  Culpepper being almost totally discredited, I would suggest that anyone thinking seriously of ingesting the plant in any form check a more modern source....I've used the medical library at the local university, which is unromantic as hell but has kept a few Dreams from becoming Nightmares.
..and since being an Oak means not being ANY fun...It should be remembered that the doctrine of signatures is dangerous to follow, and just because something was USED for a given purpose doesn't mean it was actually GOOD for that purpose.
                       Sorry for being bad; I'll go back to lurking now like a good boy.

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