hist-brewing: Tansy in Ale

ed somers kesomers at megalink.net
Thu Mar 7 15:24:59 PST 2002

I am surprised to see all the warnings about tansy. I read in The
Historical Companion to House-Brewing, that tansy Common, is useful in
brewing. It quotes Culpepper (ca 16th -17th century) "Let those women who
desire children love this herb. Tis their best companion, their huisbands
excepted." and then says that "boiled in beer it stayed miscarriages."

He later discusses methods for brewing with different herbs and mentions
tansy as being best brewed by letting it stand in the warm wort after
boiling for 30 minutes. 

I personally have no experience with brewing herbs and your recent comments
make me wonder about this source. Granted that all the sources are period
so they reflect common assumptions of the time that may have been disproved. 

At 07:14 PM 03/06/2002 GMT, tkgriffin at juno.com wrote:
>Sorry if this is a repeat to what anyone has written.  I planted Tansy
because it is suppose to keep ants away.  It didn't, worked OK for moths.
Among other things, it will bring on a woman's cycle, so women, especially
pregnant women, should stay away from it.
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