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At 09:15 PM 2/24/2002 +1300, Julie Craig wrote:

>I have an abundance of Tansy and it is use it or weed it time - can't
>see the garden path.
>Is there any recipes that use tansy as the principle flavouring?

My own personal experience with tansy:

I used it once to try to induce a period (sorry if this falls under the TMI 
category). It gave me mild chest pains, but other than that I didn't notice 
anything. Later I found out that it's highly toxic and has been known to 
cause heart irregularities in people who ingest it; it's easy to OD on and 
you can find yourself having a sudden and awkward heart attack. Not good 
stuff. On the other hand, bugs really don't like it; if you camp at events, 
you might try sewing a pillow full of marigold, tansy, and pennyroyal, to 
sit or lie on; or wearing a pomander with those herbs in it.

I put it in a cordial for myself to drink, along with some other herbs that 
are on the proscribed list (blue cohosh, pennyroyal). Medicinal use only. 
Specifically mine. I'm not sure why, but I seem to have a natural tolerance 
to most poisons. It's a neat trick, I suppose, but it means that I have to 
be careful when I use any herbs in a cordial to read up on the side effects 
and ask people in advance if they know of any allergies or 
hypersensitivities before I give them a taste. (My house mate, for 
instance, is violently allergic to rose hips.)

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