hist-brewing: Announce: Reprint of 1852 Brewing Book

Glenn Raudins glenn at raudins.com
Tue Feb 19 06:31:56 PST 2002

I am reprinting "The Complete Practical Brewer", 1852, by M.L. Byrn. 
Not to be confused with the "Practical Brewer" from the Master Brewers
Association, this book is an early American brewing book.  It contains
period recipes, discussions on process, and a dedicated chapter to the
production of porter.  I have posted the table of contents on my

Only approximately 500 copies are expected to be printed.  The book will
be a hard cover bound in bonded leather.  199 pages.  I have begun
taking pre-orders for US$25.00 plus shipping.  The book is expected to
be shipped in mid-April.  

For more information, or information on how to order, see:


Hopefully, people will enjoy having another old brewing book available.


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