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I make mustard as one of the multitude of cooking tasks I enjoy.

Mustard flavor is based on a volatile oil, so don't boil it for very long.
It becomes tasteless fairly quickly in a double boiler (15 minutes).  I
would use it like a finishing hop, if that long.

I would make a 1 gallon batch of beer to test this.  Then if you overdo it,
spaghetti sauce is in order.  That's what I do with badly flavored beer,
spaghetti sauce.  It works :).  Stews work too.  Made a Sage guit beer and
it makes the most AWESOME stew....


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Andy wrote:

>Some time ago I promised someone I'd brew a mustard beer. Anyone out
>there used mustard powder? If so, how much did you use in what size
>batch and what did you think of the results.
>In my uncomplicated way of brewing I was thinking of putting an amount
>into the last 15 mins of the boil. Would putting it in the mash be
>better? Also would any oils in the mustard powder affect the head on
>the beer?

I've not brewed with mustard but I recently had a beer brewed with mustard
seed from the tiny Regenboog brewery in Belgium.  The mustard seed imparted
a very subtle flavor to the beer but I don't think that I would have picked
it out if I didn't know that it was there.  I'm assuming that the seeds are
added to the boil and not the mash but unfortunately I have no further info.

- BR Rolya
Malted Barley Appreciation Society

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