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Charles wettergreen chuckwm at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 6 05:49:14 PST 2002

"PalomaHill" <palomahill at yahoo.com> asked:

>Does anyone know anything about making beer with acorns?  I live in 
>California where acorns are plentiful.  I understand they are nutritious 
>nut like once leached.  I know people who make bread from acorns.  It would
>seem like an interesting additive - ....?

I remember reading Euell Gibbons' "Stalking The Wild Asparagrus" back in the 
70's where he talked about grating and then using multiple soaks and washes 
to remove tannins from acorns. He then used the nut meal for pancakes and 

It probably would make an interesting beer, or maybe an even better mead. If 
you were making a beer, you'd have to have enough 2-row to convert any 
starch in the nutmeats, and I'd suggest that you fine-grind and then boil, 
then cool first. I suspect that the acorns contain a bit of oil which would 
play havock with your head retention, and boiling and cooling might release 
it so you could skim it off.


Chuck Wettergreen

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