hist-brewing: Ginger beer, south Africa, mkomboti

PalomaHill palomahill at yahoo.com
Tue Jan 29 14:41:34 PST 2002

I was recently in South Africa and there were many farm stands selling
various preserved products (cheeses, dried meats, pickled this and that) and
additionally a ginger ale.  It was mildly alcoholic, sweet, crisp, and
always had a bit of ginger in the bottom of the clear bottle.  Not much
info, but possibly a direction to go to find an answer.
The african traditional beer is called Mkomboti (MMM-Kom-bo-ti, with the K
being a clicking sound).  I managed to film the brewing and drinking process
in a local township - and of course sample the beer.  It was very much alive
and kicking as we drank it.

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I'd be interested in any information on candied ginger
& ginger beers.


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