hist-brewing: Mustard Beer

Andy Davison andy at oiyou.force9.co.uk
Sun Jan 27 18:07:50 PST 2002

Some time ago I promised someone I'd brew a mustard beer. Anyone out
there used mustard powder? If so, how much did you use in what size
batch and what did you think of the results.
In my uncomplicated way of brewing I was thinking of putting an amount
into the last 15 mins of the boil. Would putting it in the mash be
better? Also would any oils in the mustard powder affect the head on
the beer? This is not something I worry about but if I'm giving beer
to non-brewers they tend to compare it to commercial beers and lack of
head would be commented on.
Any comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Andy Davison
andy at oiyou.force9.co.uk 

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