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Sat Jan 26 22:02:52 PST 2002

I relooked at my research and realized that you are right, Andy.  Thanks for
the note - I was searching the Internet for pure malt ale - and came up with
So the question is - is there a pure malt ale commercially sold?  This is
the same as 'Domesday Ale' - as Jeff said a few notes ago.
Jeff, thanks for the links to doomsday ale - I did a search on the Internet
and found lots of notes from you in various archives specifying recipies.
This connection is absolutely wonderful!
I did find a commercial brew (thru Internet searches): (Devenish) Domesday
ale by Cornish brewery co - from England.  Perhaps it's not made anymore and
it's not clear if it is a pure malt brew.  I couldn't find much about it
except that the name indictes it might be a pure malt brew.


Traquair House Ale and Bear Ale are hopped with EK Goldings. The
Jacobite Ale is also hopped with EKG but is also spiced with coriander
seed. The special 10%ABV 1000th Brew is also hopped with EKG.=20
Which Traquair beer do you have in mind? Is it one I've missed?
Andy Davison
andy at oiyou.force9.co.uk=20


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