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Jeff Renner JeffRenner at mediaone.net
Wed Jan 23 12:46:27 PST 2002

Edward of Cornwall <fourmountainsmarch at yahoo.com> wrote:

>Oh, yes I have done the ale thing.
>I used malt, water, and yeast.
>You shoulddrink it fresh with no carbonation. I
>presented some to the King of Atenveldt. I heard it
>was drank with much dellight. Since your ale has
>nothing to preserve it you should keep in in the
>fridge and don't hold on to it long.

Actually, I brewed such an ale several years ago that is holding up 
fine.  If we have archives, it will be there under "domesday ale".  I 
brewed it with 50% home malted oats, 25% each malted wheat and malted 
barley (and ~1% chocolate malt), to a gravity of 1.086.  Bottled it 
at several months in 7 oz. nips.  it still tastes pretty sweet.  I 
should try a nip and report for those who remember it.

If I were going it again I think I would use some gruit mixture for balance.

Jeff of Ann Arbor
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