hist-brewing: Different Alcohols

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Sun Jan 6 19:59:55 PST 2002

Don't forget the mass-transfer difference caused by alcoholic strength.  The
higher the concentration of alcohol in the drink, the faster it goes into
the blood stream.

This has two effects:
- a higher peak concentration in blood
- less time to habituate and adjust behaviour.

There is also a secondary behavioral factor.  If you downed three shots of
liquor you would expect a strong rush and take the precaution of finding a
nice stable position before it hit your brain.  If you drank beer, you
wouldn't.  A 10% alcohol beer is not only carbonated (as discussed) but your
brain is thinking "beer!".  A couple of those will have you hopping off your
barstool faster than your legs get around to walking.

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