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ethanol is ethanol is ethanol.  whether it is beer, wine or whiskey, it is
the same alcohol.  10% alcohol by volume is the same as 10% alcohol by
volume in beer, wine, whiskey or Kahlua.  Obviously this was writen by a
misinformed person.  Probably an "expert".

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>    In an article of beers, my local Friday supplement includes the
> following statement:
>     "... don't confuse a 10 percent beer with a 10 percent wine -- the
> alcohols in these drinks are different, and you'll find that a 10 percent
> beer packs about the same punch as a martini."
>     There are two statements here (1) the alcohol in beer is different
> from the alcohol in wine, and (2) a 10 percent beer packs about the
> same punch as a martini.  I don't believe either one of them.
>     Any of you knowledgeable people care to comment?
>     Scotti
>     Knowledge is never wasted, nor is the time to acquire it.
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