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Sun Dec 30 21:10:18 PST 2001

In a message dated 12/26/01 11:00:47 PM, Arne Thormodsen writes about
sake, and states:.."I'd suggest getting Fred Eckhardt's book "Sake (USA)".  It
helps to have it as background.


5 lb white short-grain rice
14 oz koji (Cold Mountain, available in many Asian markets in
the US.  If you live elsewhere look around.)
1 tsp Citric Acid
1 tsp Diammonium Phosphate
1/2 tsp "Yeast Nutrient" (yeast hulls and vitamin mix)
Wine yeast (doesn't seem to be critical which kind, I use Premier
There are some great improvements available to the sake brewer from 
steinbarts in portland ore.
First and foremost you can get real sake rice prepolished down to 60%
next you can get real sake KOJI not miso koji from steinbarts.
While this sounds like an unabashed plug, it's the best place to get the"real 
deal for homebrewing sake"
They will also furnish a free updated fred eckhardt recipie to anyone buying 
a "sake kit-the rice,koji and yeast"
Also suggest that you check out the "SAKE DIGEST" at: owner-sake at hbd.org put 
the word subscribe in the header of your email.
Vision brewing has KOJI_KIN(koji spores) available in small tins, his site is 
at:  www.kagi.com/vision/sake
Lastly the national Sake championships will be held-May 4th in NYC at the 
Righa Royal Hotel
Regards, HBH

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