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> I was wondering if this could work.  I have a farmer that has offered to 
> give me as much corn as I want for brewing.  The trouble is, I've never 
> used 
> raw corn in beer.  How do you process it?  I've used corn sugar before and 
> make a good porter using the sugar, but how do you get the corn to break 
> down to a point where it you can use it?  Can it be malted?  How is it 
> processed into sugar?  Do you grind it and add it to the mash?  Will it add 
> to the alcohol level?  Or does it just add flavoring?  My books don't tell 
> me much about raw corn.  I'm doing all-grain brewing right now.  Help!

Do a search of the web for "chicha" (Latin-American corn beer).  Short answer 
to your question: corn can be malted or you can use amylase.  Historically in 
some regions, the corn was chewed then spit into the fermenter where the 
enzymes in the saliva converted the starch to sugars.  Hmmm ... spit beer ... 
thanks, I'll stick to amylase! :)

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