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Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
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I've made an English-style ginger beer, which is what you end up with if you
add yeast to Jamaican-style ginger beer.

I make it double strength and dilute at bottling time.  I put 4-6 oz
shredded ginger root (peel and all) into 1.5 gallons boiling water.  On
cooling I add 1 cup lemon juice, a bit of yeast nutrient, and enough sugar
to give 5-6 percent alcohol (before dilution).  Any neutral yeast will do.

When fermented out, I dilute to double the volume and prime the bottles with
It's very spicy!

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> I had a bumper crop of ginger this year. We are supposed to get a hard
> freeze this week, so I harvested all of it. I made a few pounds of candied
> ginger, and then made a liquor with the syrup. (A bit of an eye opener,
> quite good, and you can cook with it.)
> As you know, a little ginger goes a long way. I still have about ten to
> fifteen pounds of fresh root. Does anyone have any cool beer, gruit,
> metheglin, mead or other recipes that use ginger?
> I am planning on making ginger ale. ( soft) I was also thinking of making
> hard ginger ale.
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