hist-brewing: Ginger

Charley Atchley Charley at lcc.net
Sun Dec 23 16:38:18 PST 2001

I had a bumper crop of ginger this year. We are supposed to get a hard
freeze this week, so I harvested all of it. I made a few pounds of candied
ginger, and then made a liquor with the syrup. (A bit of an eye opener, but
quite good, and you can cook with it.)

As you know, a little ginger goes a long way. I still have about ten to
fifteen pounds of fresh root. Does anyone have any cool beer, gruit,
metheglin, mead or other recipes that use ginger?

I am planning on making ginger ale. ( soft) I was also thinking of making
hard ginger ale.

Charley Atchley

You got to be very careful if you don't know where you're going, because you
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