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   I've found that the "chore boy" type of scrubber is too thin and lacks 
enough surface area to act as a good sieve.  Try and use a Stainless Steel 
scrubby that is more bushy and thick to be a better strainer on the end of 
the racking cane.  The SS balls work for all my fruits brews except 
   I've never used a fermentation bag to contain the fruit. How do you clean 
and sanitize it and do you reuse the bag or dispose after use?  
   I'm about to do another Persimmon Mead.  In my previous two brews, I've 
lost a lot of mead to a fluffy and floating persimmon residue sediment.  The 
stuff just wouldn't compact even by using finings.  I was thinking of 
fermenting in a bag to avoid repeating the problem.
Bob Grossman

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> >With fruit beers, the use of a sack to contain the fruit and facilitate
> >removal there of is something I would recommend.  Leaving a 6 inch layer
> >of liquid in the bottom of expensive fruit beers is hard on my cheap soul.
> >
> You got this right. My children had to be evacuated from the room to protect
> their young minds while I tried to rack the stuff. I have always had good
> luck with using a chore boy over the end of the racking cane. No luck this
> time. I had to cry and pour way to much beer into the compost heap.
> Athaulf Sweinbrothar

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