hist-brewing: need some thoughts

Jean-Paul Blaquiere japester at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Wed Dec 19 19:10:52 PST 2001

> On Dec 17, Richard Ayotte illuminated :

> .....Thanks y'all.....i'll wait another 7 (sniff) months before i give the 
> black raspberry mead a shot (sniffle)...lets try this.....iI picked and 
> dried rose hips....I've got about 5 lbs.....and just had 10 (!) lbs. of 
> clover honey given (!!) to me....anyone got a idea or reicipe?...thanks!
a slight twist on my rose petal wine?  or the rose hip wine?

I have a recipe for each.
unfortunately, I'll have to dig them out of my recipe cupboard.  I'll let
you know in the next couple of days.

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