hist-brewing: What to do with malted rye

Sean Richens srichens at sprint.ca
Thu Dec 13 15:55:23 PST 2001


I appreciated your post on malting rye.  I'm starting to try malting
buckwheat and maize for gluten-free brewing, and every version of the
process helps me figure things out.  Re. your comments:

> Probably could, but historically they malted all the grain. I would not
> to make an un-malted grain 30% of my mash though. I have added 8 oz of
> flaked rye for flavor and head retention to some brews in the past. I
> think that 4 pounds of un-malted grain would make it hard to sparge. You
> would probably have an edible head (Very thick) on the final result.

All these things can and do happen, but if anticipated properly you can do
several things:  reduce grain depth in the lauter tun, add rice hulls, do a
protein rest, or if you're getting period just make a cloudy wort (partly
joking).  You sound like the kind of person who would manage OK.

I wish I knew more about the
> chemistry of what would happen. My biology sucks also ...

You've successfully made malt.  I haven't yet.  One of the great things
about homebrewing is how everyone confirms my belief that any reasonably
intelligent person can achieve competence in areas of science and technology
that concern them.


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