hist-brewing: What to do with malted rye

Charley Atchley Charley at lcc.net
Wed Dec 12 19:06:44 PST 2001

>I understood flaked rye has a stronger rye flavor than malted rye? Could
>rye flakes be substituted for the rye malt?

Probably could, but historically they malted all the grain. I would not want
to make an un-malted grain 30% of my mash though. I have added 8 oz of
flaked rye for flavor and head retention to some brews in the past. I would
think that 4 pounds of un-malted grain would make it hard to sparge. You
would probably have an edible head (Very thick) on the final result. I will
have to admit that I am color blind, so I avoided chemistry as much as
possible. I am a mathematician by trade. We tend to postulate things as
being true, then we proceed till proven false. I wish I knew more about the
chemistry of what would happen. My biology sucks also because I have an
aversion to slime, mucus and worms. Maybe someone else could jump in and
help on this one.

Charley Atchley

You can blow yourself up, dissolve your fingers, fry your lungs, get cancer
and everything is color based or memorization of nomenclature.

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