hist-brewing: What to do with malted rye

Charley Atchley Charley at lcc.net
Wed Dec 12 18:30:13 PST 2001

Try this:

2lb #60 crystal
7lb English ale malt
4lb malted rye

1/2lb juniper berries 45 min before end of boil
2 packed cups sweet woodruff 10 min before end of boil
1/2 teaspoon red pepper 3 min before end of boil (Fixes the after taste)

Dry English ale yeast

Keg conditioned with 1/2 cup honey.

This is not a historical recipe, but I used bits and pieces of several
historical brews I had read about. It is sort of like some of the historical
beers from Finland. (At least that was what the book that inspired me was

This is a fairly bold, but smooth ale. It has some bitterness from the
juniper berries, but not as much or the same kind that you would get from
hops. Rye has a stronger sharper flavor than barley.

Charley Atchley

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