hist-brewing: going to try something old but new for me

Charley Atchley Charley at lcc.net
Tue Dec 11 19:09:28 PST 2001

>    In Period, oats were malted, like everything else, for brewing.  They
>may not have understood the biochemistry, but they knew what worked.
>    Today there is still one malt house producing malted oats, J.D.Fawcett
>and Sons in England.  The only importer of these oats into North America
>is  North Country Malt Supply
>    PO Box 665
>    Rouses Point
>    NY 12979
>    518 / 297-2604
>    They take telephone orders and you can pay by credit card.  The
>hook is that you have to buy an entire bag: 55 lbs.  It takes me almost
>exactly two years to use that amount, and I've just bought my second
>bag.  I keep them in a bug-proof Malt Vault with a screw top (sold by
>New England Serum, a veterinary supply house; they call it a Vittles
>    Malted oats do not give you the mouthfeel that flaked oats do,
>but they produce a very smooth ale.

Thanks. I actually malted the oats myself. It is such a pain in the butt but
worth it for the flavor. My uncle raises oats and he will give them to me
for free. Just for fun I also malted 50 pounds of rye one time. It made for
some fun brewing.

Try this
4lbs 2-row
4lbs malted wheat
4lbs malted oats
1lb rowan berries

nice and tasty

Charley Atchley

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