hist-brewing: re: sake recipee # 2

Ruadh - Mairi Asan T'eilean Sgithenach ruadh at drum.org
Fri Dec 7 03:55:13 PST 2001

It's like a rice/grain.  It gives you that something special (fungus) that
makes sake sake.  :>  I order mine from the kushi institute:
http://www.macrobiotics.org/kistorefood.html  800.645.8744

The carolingian brewers guild made saki as a guild a few months ago.  It
was pretty successful.  It was an adventure that none of us had ever made
it before, but I found some useful information on the web that helped, try


There were other things on line that helped put the pieces together, and
while I made it outside, in the garage (because I read about the nasty
smell, and I heard the koji spores can contaminate your brewing area,
making it impossible to ever brew anything but sake there again - mind you
I'm not sure if it's true, but thought why risk it), it smelled quite nice
the whole time - or well, it smelled like sake anyways.  :>  I encourage
you to web search around for more information, and give it a try!


On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, jps wrote:

> What is koji?
> John

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