hist-brewing: Sake or Rice Wine?

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The leaven mentioned in Drakey's rice wine recipe is still available at your
better Chinese grocery stores.

Just ask for "chinese yeast" or "wine seed" or something like that.  I've
used it to make sake, and it works well.  I mixed the crushed leaven ball
with steamed (cooled) rice, let it go until the liquid produced is 1" below
the level of the rice.

This liquid is a quick & simple Chinese rice beer.  It's powerfully sweet.
To make sake, continue by adding a volume of cold water equal to the rice,
and an alcohol-tolerant wine yeast (EC-1118 is good) and ferment cold
(50-55F) about 4 weeks.  Strain out the solids, filter and bottle.  Drink
relatively young.


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> I'm looking for any historical documentation and recipes for Sake or Rice
> Wine.
> I've brewed beers, meads, and fruit wines... wanted to try something new.
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