hist-brewing: Re: Oxidation

j/kbooth jameshbooth at worldnet.att.net
Sun Dec 2 18:04:50 PST 2001

George D  writes.... 
> Oxygen quickly stales finished beer, yielding papery-tasting compounds,
> reducing malt character, speeding diacetyl formation, dulling the hops, etc.
> While yeast are good antioxidants, they cannot overcome the large amount of
> oxygen that sloppy racking can introduce into the beer.  It is important to
> minimize air contact with the finished beer.
> Studies have shown that beer exposed to air will taste stale within 6 DAYS
> if stored warm.  If kept refrigerated it may last up to 6 weeks.  That's not
> a terribly long time.

If one needs to be convinced, pour a glass of a big name commercial lager beer
and leave it overnight and drink it in the morning.....stale!

cheers, jim booth

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