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George de Piro

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> Jim writes: "Think about it.....how could the process of racking or stirring
> the beer contribute to settling out."
> Ah! I'm thinking about it, and this is an easy one! And I'm on far firmer
> ground than with my shaky understanding of the biochem above.  Winemakers
> are very familiar with 'degassing' the wine by stirring. Since beer is
> fizzy, it often isn't a concern unless it is going to be filtered, but stirr
> ing or racking accomplishes two goals in one simple motion. It helps knock
> dissolved CO2 out of solution which can inhibit fermentation and also
> inhibit yeast settling, and rouses the yeast back into suspension. Both will
> contribute to a healthier and more complete ferment, which in turn
> contributes to a faster clearer flocculation and settling. Done carefully
> there is little risk of oxidation.
> For more geeky explanations and research than mine check out:

Hey....Thanks for weighing in and correcting my information.

I don't ferment under pressure and in handling the containers, they get
roused about which leads to CO2 release.

Anyway, I think sparkling clear beer is way overrated in the homebrew world.

cheers,   jim booth

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