hist-brewing: Re: hist-brewing Too Much O2?

Tom Smit lunica at ozemail.com.au
Tue Nov 27 20:08:01 PST 2001

This is not entirely right. For big beers I drop the ale, run it out the
tap into another fermenter just below to give the yeast a last bit of O2
before it goes anaerobic. Any beers not krausening by 24hours gets the
same dropping and is always krausening fast and furious not long after.
Dropping must be done no more than 18 hours after pitching if the yeast
is showing signs of life (i.e. drop at stage where yeast head is just
beginning to form)

Tom Smit

Steven Eldredge wrote:
> Oxygen should only be introduced to cool, unfermented wort prior to or just
> after pitching the yeast. Oxygen is used by the yeast during the
> reproductive stage only. Fermentation then becomes an anaerobic process.
> The introduction of oxygen to the beer after active fermentation begins will
> result in a much shorter shelf life. The beer will develop a wet
> cardboard/paper-like off flavor due to oxidation. It is best to limit the
> introduction of air/oxygen after fermentation begins.
> Steve
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