hist-brewing: Virus Warning

Andy Davison andy.davison at btinternet.com
Tue Nov 27 01:22:35 PST 2001

I just received an e-mail from David Murray (david at fisherrow dot co
dot uk) entitled "Re: Re: hist-brewing: fruit" with an attachment
called "doc.doc.pif"
Although I don't run virus scanning software this looks like a virus
sent by someone hiding behind AOL (I don't hink they're on AOL
itself). Anyway, if you receive any attachment at all you should be
very careful. If the attachment ends .pif you must not open it under
any circumstances as it could seriously mess up Windows registry
files. If you are using Outlook Express make sure you set receive
e-mail as plain text only. This seems to be someone harvesting e-mail
addresses from newsgroups and message boards and faking the header to
suggest it came from that address rather than one which actually did
(ie I don't think the message ever came from David Murray's computer
in the first place).
Andy Davison
andy.davison at btinternet.com

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