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ALBATRS890 at aol.com wrote:
> 1) To avoid aeration when racking use siphon hoses long enough to
> reach & wrap part way around the bottom of your carboy to eliminate
> splashing.

Good point!

> 4 racking method
> I agree with the 4 racks when doing a fruit mead or beer. But, when do
> you add it? How long are you leaving the fruit in?

Fruit goes in at high krausen, whenever that may be; usually it's 12-24
hours after pitching (for me).  The detritus is left in the primary
after racking.  Alternately -- and this method has worked just as well
for me -- add the fruit to the secondary.  If one chooses this route, it
is wise to use aseptic fruit pureé rather than whole fruit, as there
exists a greater chance of contamination.  That is, unless one desires a
lactic character, of course.
> I usually put the fruit in the second rack. Then leave the fruit in
> for 4 weeks. I will freeze the fruit before adding. That starts the
> break down process. Putting the fruit in during the vigorous
> fermentation of the first rack will usually strip the flavors of the
> fruits
As I've said, to each his own.  I have done both, and experienced no
perceptible difference in flavour or aroma.  


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