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Sun Nov 25 07:27:04 PST 2001

Tim Bray wrote:
> I'm a novice brewer still doing extract brewing, so be gentle... 

Always! :)

> On the
> subject of racking, I have a couple of questions:
> >Racking multiple times will alleviate this.  Take a page from the wine
> >and mead-maker's playbook and simply rack four or five times.  I use a
> >pyramid scheme --
> >
> >Primary -- max 7 days
> >Secondary -- max two weeks
> >Tertiary -- max three weeks
> >Quaternary -- max four weeks
> 1.  Doesn't this much racking risk oxygenating the beer?

Not if you're careful.  There will be some oxygen pickup, but it will be
minimal so long as you avoid splashing.  And that which *is* picked up
will mostly be eliminated during the bottle/keg conditioning phase.  

There are also methods of using CO2 to scrub excess O2 from the beer,
but those are only *really* applicable if you're force-carbonating.

> 2.  How much racking was done historically?

Frankly, I dunno.  Any takers on this one? 

Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat!


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