hist-brewing: My first mead.

Jean-Paul Blaquiere japester at ucc.gu.uwa.edu.au
Tue Nov 20 00:15:21 PST 2001

since we seem to be talking about virgin meads, I might as well chip in
with my current pastimes.

I tried to create a basic mead ona-budget.  ie, without using special
things to make it brew quicker and happier.  Mainly because I'm a poor
suffering student and the closest bew supplies store is ~30 min drive away.
2.0kg of honey, juice and zest of a lemon, a teabag, handful of raisins and
water to a gallon.
the raisins for yeast nutrient content, but they seemed to do nothing at
all.  Except impart a little flavour.

It took a helluva long time to do nothing.  ie 3 weeks of a bubble though
the air lock every 10s or so.  I went a wandering to the brew supplies
store ('twas feeling slightly rich) and invested in some yeast nutrient,
and some basic liquid (stuff to make the pH go up)
boy did that make a difference!!!  raised the pH from ~3.2 to 4.5.  foam
everywhere.  specific gravity went from ~1.11 to 1.05 in a week!  it's now
sitting on 0.99 about a month later.  
Clarity is remarkable for a wine of its age.  I have racked it twice now,
once to get it off the yeast cake, and the second time about a week ago,
when there was about an inch of slightly cloudy must at the bottom of the
bottle.  Racked off everything but the murky liquids and double filtered the
bottom bit through a coffee filter.  It's still crystal clear, has  a
definate young wine smell to it, but looks beautiful.  I'm going to bottle it
sometime in the new year and taste, well, I'm always tasting.  We all do
that right?  right ...  ?

./Jp  sobriety is for other people :)
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