hist-brewing: My first mead.

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>  I noticed when I
>  was bottling that bubbles were forming on the siphon tube.  There were
>  bubbles in the bottles after corking also.  I tasted it (several times
>  ;-)) and it is wonderful but I did not taste carbonation.  It is sweet
>  with a pretty good kick.  I was sure it would have to age another year
>  having read mead may take a year after bottling before it tastes good.
>  My question is, did I bottle too soon and will my corks fly out?  I am
>  hoping after all my patience I didn't ruin it.  Any help would be
>  greatly appreciated.  
    My first mead was glorious.  I bottled in wine bottles.  Those which
were stored right side up were fine.  The case which I stored upside 
down in my pantry to keep the corks wet, the latent pressure from the 
carbonation forced the mead out of the bottles, either past the corks or 
by forcing out the corks.  The bottle I gave to my son as a honeymoon 
present, he stored in his wine rack until the wedding.  It blew the cork 
and contents all over the living room.  What a mess! ! !
    Since then, I bottle my meads in champagne bottles, with a crown
    Store the bottles upright, and drink them young.
    Knowledge is never wasted, nor is the time to acquire it.

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