hist-brewing: My first mead.

Lauri Murakami lauri.murakami at worldnet.att.net
Mon Nov 19 10:04:31 PST 2001


I am new to mead brewing and have been lurking on the list for about a
year now.  I have a couple questions if no one minds.  I have just
bottled my first batch and want to make sure I did the right thing. I am
including my recipe.
On 11/9/00
	17 lbs. Local buckwheat honey
	3 t yeast nutrient
	2 t acid blend
	1/2 t tannin
	Jasmine tea
	St. Pats sweet mead yeast
The fermentation started off with a bang and I racked a little over a
month later.  It then slowed way down.  I racked once during the next
year.  It took a year to clear.  I didn't take readings as this being my
first try.  It wasn't an active batch, in fact I thought it would never
clear and would have to dump it.  It is a beautiful clear gold and I
decided to bottle it today.  Therein lies my question.  I noticed when I
was bottling that bubbles were forming on the siphon tube.  There were
bubbles in the bottles after corking also.  I tasted it (several times
;-)) and it is wonderful but I did not taste carbonation.  It is sweet
with a pretty good kick.  I was sure it would have to age another year
having read mead may take a year after bottling before it tastes good.
My question is, did I bottle to soon and will my corks fly out?  I am
hoping after all my patience I didn't ruin it.  Any help would be
greatly appreciated.  

Lauri Murakami

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