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Long pepper is milder than black pepper, and really quite nice in cooking.
I've only brewed with it a few times, but nothing bad happened.

There's a lot of info here:

Crystal of the Westermark

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  Cindy Renfrow's book A Sip Through Time has a recipe for a 1594 Braggot
that calls for long pepper.
  It is No. 74 on page 6.
  I'm from Philly, was thinking about Rocky, and all set to go down to the
Italian Market and buy some nice frying peppers to use.  Those nice long
yellow types.  But then I read the fine print......
  Her appendix states that long pepper is "the half ripe flower heads
of...Piper longum and chaba,".
  Does anybody know what this is and where I can get it?  What is the flavor
and effect?
  Thanks,  Bob Grossman
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