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>Hrm.  Well, I know by pronunciation, though not spelling, the word you're 
>looking for.  Something like "ishkavaya" or "ishkavar".

That's the stuff.

>According to the people I've heard say it, it translates roughly to "water 
>of life" and is supposed to be the etymological root of whisky.

Then I did spell it correctly! Wow.

>  I presume the word predates the common usage of distillation, but I 
> don't know what the original beverage was.

The research I did all night seems to point to two interpretations - 
there's the early stuff, which was distilled (at least in the recipes I 
found online), and then there's the stuff that's out of period, which uses 
whisk(e)y as the base alcohol (as opposed to vodka or white brandy, as in 
most cordials) and then steeps stuff in the alcohol. The latter method is 
certainly legal, provided I don't actually try to sell the stuff. However, 
the only recipes I can find are way out of period. I wonder if there's a 
period recipe for the cordial? That's what I'd like to work from, if I can...

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