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Tara Sersen Boroson tsersen at nni.com
Sat Oct 27 06:37:55 PDT 2001

Hrm.  Well, I know by pronunciation, though not spelling, the word 
you're looking for.  Something like "ishkavaya" or "ishkavar". 
According to the people I've heard say it, it translates roughly to 
"water of life" and is supposed to be the etymological root of whisky. 
I presume the word predates the common usage of distillation, but I 
don't know what the original beverage was.  Hopefully, though, the 
pronunciations above will get you a little further!  :)


Harijan wrote:

> I'm also against a massive pronunciation problem. I'm not trying to make 
> whisk(e)y. I'm trying to make something I fell in love with at Pennsic, 
> which I can only remember, alas, as "ish." It stood for something longer 
> and it was definitely Celtic and had whiskey as the main alcoholic 
> ingredient, but beyond that, I'm drawing a blank because it was as 
> potent as it was delicious and I, uh, sampled quite a lot of it.
> Help?
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