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I received the following publication announcement from a publisher,
which looks quite interesting.

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Brill Academic Publishers is proud to announce the newly released title:
A History of Brewing in Holland, 900-1900 (<http://www.brill.nl/catalogue/productinfo.asp?product=9503>)
Economy, Technology and the State
by Richard W. Unger

This comprehensive history of brewing in Holland follows the changes
in technology and extensive government regulation which created a
thriving industry before the Golden Age, a declining one in the
seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and then a revival in the era of
industrialization. Relying on the extensive records of urban and
provincial governments the author traces the cooperation as well as
tension between brewers and public authorities spanning one thousand
years.  Richard W. Unger, Ph.D. (1971) in History, Yale University, is
Professor of History at the University of British Columbia.

List of Tables and Figures	ii
List of Illustrations	 	vi
Abbreviations		 	ix
Preface 		  	x
Introduction - Holland and Beer			 		1
Chapter I    - Brewing in the Early Middle Ages 		18
Chapter II   - The Medieval Transformation		 	43
Chapter III  - The Scale of the Industry in its
		Golden Age, 1450-1650 				104
Chapter IV   - Technology, Raw Materials, and 
               the Seasons of Brewing 				155
Chapter V    - Taxes, Profits, and Women's Work 		203
Chapter VI   - Investment, Concentration, and Protection	233
Chapter VII  - Guilds before 1620 				284
Chapter VIII - The Data of Decline, 1600-1800 			324
Chapter IX   - Explanations for Decline, 1650-1800 		350
Chapter X    - Strategies for Defense, 1620-1800: 
               Guilds and Cost Control				395
Chapter XI   - Strategies for Defense: Taxes, Governments 
               and Technical Stagnation 			434
Chapter XII  - Renewal and Revival, 1800-1900 			474
Epilogue     - Beer in Holland 					523
Appendix I   - Making Beer 					540
Appendix II  - Measures 					564
Bibliography							569

A History of Brewing in Holland 900-1900 is currently available and
can't be missed by anyone interested in economic history, the history
of technology, business history, and the history of the Netherlands,
as well as those concerned with the history of alcohol and regulation
of its consumption.

· Publication date: July 2001
· ISBN 90 04 12037 8
· Bound
· List price EUR 132.- / US$ 154.- / DGL 290.89

For further information contact our Customer Services Department at
cs at brill.nl or visit our web site at www.brill.nl

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