hist-brewing: Re: 19th Century American Beer Recipes

Jeff Renner JeffRenner at mediaone.net
Tue Oct 2 05:50:29 PDT 2001

"Patrick Tiquet" <ptiquet at onebox.com> wrote:

>Anyone have any original 19th Century American Beer recipes?
>Particularly interested in recipes from about 1845 to 1885, especially
>those used in the Western United States during this time.
>Any info on unique ingredients, brew-process, materials, equipment, etc.,
>would be greatly appreciated.

That's the subject for a book or two!

This was the period of the lager revolution.  Beers in 1845 would 
have been mostly ales or common beers, many of which were pretty 
rough.  Lagers swept the country during the period of the 
1850's-70's, bolstered by the German immigration waves.

One famous exception was the California steam beer, also called 
California common beer.  Anchor steam is the only remnant, so it is 
easy to think that all of the many breweries brewed something like 
it, but this is probably not the case.  Even modern Anchor Steam is 
different from the beer that Fritz Maytag bought in the 1960s.  Among 
other things, it was brewed with sugar.

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