hist-brewing: Pre-1600 Nautical Drinks

Barnacle Bill bill at bracewel.demon.co.uk
Sat Sep 22 10:20:06 PDT 2001

In message <200109220254.TAA02925 at happy.xkey.com>, Bruce R. Gordon
<obsidian at raex.com> writes
>Before 1600, sailors drank 
>ale or wine, just like everyone else. I suspect that because of how 
>quickly period ales go bad, that fortified wines such as Port, Madeira, 
>and Malmsey were used extensively; but I have no documentation directly 
>at hand for that suspicion.

Of course James Cook in his voyages of exploration experimented with
malt solutions boiled to concentrate them (i.e. an  early form of malt
extract) and then brewed his own beer on board ship but that's another
'period' (:-)

Barnacle Bill

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