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>Is it true that period brewing included skimming mold off the top of the
>mead before serving? My question is not whether one must of course not
>ingest mold but rather whether mold were necessarily present in period mead
>and if so how they in fact went about removing it. Molds due to the lack of
>acidity at initial fermentation would also be included.

         I believe the confusion here could be with the use of the term 
"skimming the scum" used in many period and near period recipes. What this 
refers to is the removal of the foam, consisting of protiens, bee parts and 
assorted other things, during the boil. It does not include mold, in my 

THL Jehan Yves de Chateau Thiery
Atlantian Royal Brewer
Barony Lochmere
Kindom of Atlantia                              

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