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Thank you for the disgusting question. 

I suspect that mold was not necessary in period mead, just as fecal matter,
sweat or other unfortunate substances were not a necessity in period water.
(If you really want to make "period" mead, import 5 gallons of unsanitary
village water from some  third world country. The mold would just add
something chewy, and some color)

I'd suppose skimming would depend of the quality of the brewer and the
serving establishment. I doubt that the upper-class would tolerate moldy
mead. I have tasted beer that had mold in the bottom, it was quite vile. The
village folks may have not cared. Especially after quaffing a few pints.

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> Is it true that period brewing included skimming mold off the top of the
> mead before serving? My question is not whether one must of course not
> ingest mold but rather whether mold were necessarily present in period
> mead
> and if so how they in fact went about removing it. Molds due to the lack
> of
> acidity at initial fermentation would also be included.
> Matthew 
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